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GamStop alternatives: Responsible gambling tools available in the UK

February 22, 2024

By definition, gambling is a risky and unpredictable activity. Despite its allure and the temptation to play a bit more, users should develop a responsible approach to this entertainment. Casino members need to be attentive to the expenses and time spent on the gaming website. Some can control themselves and stick to initial budgets.

On the other hand, many players dive into the slot world and aren’t able to stop in time. In this case, additional responsible gambling tools should be implemented. Self-exclusion programmes are considered effective in terms of coping with compulsive behaviours.

What is GamStop?

GamStop is the most widespread self-exclusion tool, covering all casinos and sportsbooks operating under UKGC licensing. The software restricts access to risky platforms, allowing compulsive players to get appropriate treatment and support. Over 80 per cent of the programme’s participants reported improved condition after using it. Problem gamblers can choose the self-exclusion term themselves (it varies from six months to five years) and take this time for therapy.

However, many still prefer to avoid the programme due to multiple limitations and restrictions. Therefore, slot sites not on Gamstop are at the peak of their popularity. These websites offer more flexibility and opportunities to players, which eventually appears more beneficial. The absence of self-exclusion makes it more complicated to maintain responsible gambling behaviours.

GamStop Alternatives in the United Kingdom

Sticking to responsible gambling principles is mandatory for every online casino player. These requirements are pretty simple and imply setting the budget limits and remaining within them during the gaming session. Users often are tempted to invest a bit more and spin the reel again as the desired victory seems so close. Players make a common mistake on gambling platforms, so remember to avoid it.

Learning the first signs of compulsive behaviours is also essential, and noticing any of them in yourself or your close ones should alert you. Not everyone can control themselves in online casinos, so those at risk can use additional software. Even though casinos not part of GamStop network have their own self-exclusion instruments, the lack of GamStop is a significant disadvantage for such players. Luckily, alternative tools are available for UK gambling fans.

Gambling Blockers

GamStop is the most common gambling blocker that is used in UKGC-licensed platforms. Casinos outside this jurisdiction can take advantage of similar software with the same features. For instance, GamBan is a popular option for coping with addiction. Gamban is available for all EU countries, unlike GamStop. The programme covers thousands of websites and is compatible with all devices. Therefore, compulsive players have no way to get around the ban. Unlike GamStop, this tool is paid, but its annual cost is affordable for most users. Newcomers can enjoy a 7-day free trial to ensure the software suits them.

BetBlocker is another common solution for fighting compulsive behaviours. This tool is free and provides timely support and treatment for everyone suffering from the negative consequences of online gambling. Its work is pretty typical: it restricts access to thousands of potentially harmful platforms. It only takes a few minutes to join BetBlocker and enjoy an addiction-free life.


While the above blockers only work for virtual casinos, many forget that compulsive behaviours can target individuals offline, too. Restricting access to brick-and-mortar gaming establishments is more complicated, as they usually don’t initiate verification and identity checks. Therefore, casinos cannot know whether a gambler has any problems with self-control. This challenge had to be addressed, so SENSE was initiated.

Self-Enrolment National Self-Exclusion allows gamblers to restrict visits to land-based casinos. Players can only join it voluntarily by filling in a specific application form. After the request is approved, it’s sent to all UK offline betting and gambling operators. After that, the person will be unable to reach casinos. Like in GamStop, the minimum self-exclusion term is six months, during which players can join support groups and treat the disorder. The programme can also be extended if players understand they need more time for full recovery.


The Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Scheme is a similar tool; the difference is that it only works for offline betting shops across the UK. Those worried about the amount of time and money they spend making sports predictions can apply for this programme and be excluded for the chosen period.

Those desiring to join MOSES should contact the service and indicate betting shops in their area. The organisation’s manager will evaluate all the potentially harmful locations and add them to the self-exclusion list. After that, the person’s photographic ID is created. Participant’s personal details are never shared with any third parties, so they can be confident that the program is secure.

The minimum term of MOSES usage is 12 months. The period is fixed, so problem punters cannot change it. Like similar programmes, it cannot be suspended or cancelled, leading to better results for the affected individual.

Additional Responsible Gambling Resources Employed by UK Gamblers

Many UK players choose to gamble in non-UK casinos, so they should be aware of all the possible consequences and assess their behaviours. Noticing the first signs of compulsive gaming, including constant thoughts about slots, borrowing money to spend on risky sites, anxiety, etc., is the reason to seek assistance immediately. Players can contact the National Gambling Helpline for support and recommendations for further actions.

Joining a self-exclusion programme is only possible voluntarily, so players should be attentive to their actions on casino and betting websites. It’s better to start using GamStop or its alternatives right after a user has noticed alerting symptoms; in this case, treatment can be short and effective.

The Final Word

Complying with responsible gambling principles is the central aspect of getting the best experience without being at risk of compulsive behaviours. Some players can maintain a healthy approach to casinos and sportsbooks themselves by limiting their budget and time limits when spinning the reel or enjoying the poker session. However, many users need additional help to control themselves on risky platforms. In this case, self-exclusion is the most effective tool.

Using these programmes implies limiting access to gambling activities. GamStop covers UKGC-based sites, but players can also enjoy its alternatives. Use BetBlocker or Gamban for online casinos, or join SENSE or MOSES to ban access to brick-and-mortar establishments and betting shops in your area.

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