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CleverTap partners with Zoomcar

February 27, 2024

CleverTap, the all-in-one engagement platform, has announced its partnership with Zoomcar, the marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets, to elevate user engagement and drive business growth. This strategic partnership will help Zoomcar elevate its customer engagement strategy by crafting personalised interactions that resonate with individual preferences and needs.

Through real-time insights Zoomcar will be able to understand user behaviours and preferences, further facilitating targeted re-engagement campaigns and win-back offers. With a keen focus on enhancing user retention and engagement, Zoomcar will be able to foster long-lasting customer relationships and ultimately maximise customer lifetime value.

This partnership will enable Zoomcar to craft personalized campaigns, conduct A/B testing, and optimize omni-channel experiences. Zoomcar will be able to promote specific car models, rental packages, enhance overall campaign effectiveness, maximise bookings and revenue, and connect seamlessly with users across channels. This holistic approach aims to not only increase traffic at the top of the funnel but also to improve reachability and deliver personalised messages to a larger volume of users.

Through this partnership, CleverTap and Zoomcar aim to achieve: 

  • Improved Retention
  • Enhanced User Stickiness
  • Elevated User Engagement and Conversions
  • Increased Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • Higher Deliverability Rate

Greg Moran, CEO and co-founder Zoomcar said: “Zoomcar’s customers look for convenient and independent self drive travel options with a growing need for personalised communication with custom recommendations of car options that cater to their various needs. With CleverTap, we aim to bridge the gap and deliver quick, relevant and personalised communication to drive higher engagement and conversions.”

Sidharth Pisharoti, Chief Revenue Officer, CleverTap, added: “Zoomcar has been a prominent player in India’s self drive car sharing landscape for years, shaping how Indians experience the convenience of on-demand transportation. We’re excited to be partnering with them to help elevate their customer engagement. Through our cutting-edge platform, we will deliver unparalleled hyper-personalised experiences, contributing to their sustained business growth. Together, we will bring innovation and convenience to the forefront of the industry.”

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