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Adsmovil, Nuestra Vision strategic alliance

March 13, 2024

Adsmovil, a minority-owned digital first Hispanic media company, has announced its strategic alliance with Nuestra Vision, a 24/7 Spanish-language TV network offering family-friendly premium programming for Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Hispanics living in the US. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for Adsmovil as it expands its reach, audience, content, and media platforms to deliver 360° opportunities across the Hispanic landscape.

By becoming the exclusive seller of Nuestra Vision’s content for the general market (cable and broadcast signals), and bundling Nuestra Vision with Adsmovil’s current offering, the company continues to deliver on its mission of reaching Hispanics across countries of origin, languages, generations, homes, and screens without compromising authenticity. With the Hispanic market growing exponentially in numbers and value, Adsmovil recognises the immense potential of the Mexican, Spanish language dominant cohort, a significant audience within the national Hispanic market, which currently stands at 63.7 million strong, representing 19 per cent of the US population, and $2.7 trillion in purchasing power.

The synergistic alliance with Nuestra Vision allows Adsmovil to tap into the preferences of Mexican, Spanish-dominant Hispanics, who spend their time on multiple platforms including streaming, broadcast, and cable, consuming Mexican content. It is worth noting that most TV viewers are still ‘hybrid’ viewers, consuming a combination of all three platforms, with distinct divergence and preferences across age groups. By utilizing linear, cable, and CTV, advertisers can effectively reach both wired and cordless audiences, across demographics and geographies, amplifying results for advertisers.

Nuestra Vision primarily serves the content preferences of the vast Mexican and Mexican American community, which represents 60 per cent of US Hispanics. With original productions from Mexico, the channel provides audiences with nostalgia, representation, and a sense of belonging. Moreover, Nuestra Vision offers a wide range of family-friendly premium content, including one of the largest and most prestigious libraries of Mexican movies, TV series, live news, live sports, sports news, music, children’s content, educational series approved by the FCC, and hyper-targeted special events.

Nuestra Vision is broadcast over the air (OTA) across 38 broadcast territories through affiliated stations with historically high viewership and the largest audience on the .1 dial as well as MVPDs (DISH Network and DirecTV), and digital live streaming services like TelevisaUnivision’s ViX, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, LocalBTV, and Nuestra Visión’s mobile app. Established in 2015, Nuestra Vision is a leading certified minority-owned Spanish language TV broadcaster in the US and a stellar source of content for the Mexican, Mexican-American, and U.S. Hispanic audience.

“The strategic investment in Nuestra Vision fortifies Adsmovil’s overarching strategy to expand and diversify its Hispanic market reach, without sacrificing authenticity. Furthermore, the wide-ranging array of platforms better serves the multi-faceted Hispanic cohort, core to the company’s mission since its founding. With the combined expertise and resources of both companies, advertisers can now access a comprehensive suite of advertising solutions to reach a much broader audience effectively and authentically,” said Alberto Pardo, CEO and Founder of Adsmovil.

Victor Herrera da Silva, CEO of Nuestra Vision, added: “We are incredibly excited about this powerful coalition with Adsmovil. As our network’s distribution continues to grow through OTA and all platforms – becoming available to more Hispanic households in top DMA’s than ever before – ensuring that our premium content was well represented was a key priority for us. Collaborating with one of the leading players in the Hispanic digital media space was our primary objective, and now, together with Adsmovil, we will continue to serve an even greater number of consumers authentically while driving a more significant ROI for brands who seek to connect and build relationships with our vibrant audience.”

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