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Veritone launches GenAI chat tool

March 26, 2024

Veritone, a specialist in designing human-centered AI solutions, has launched Ask Veri, a new conversational intelligence solution that empowers Veritone Digital Media Hub (DMH) users to extract actionable insights and execute dynamic workflows from their media archive data through a generative AI-enabled, chat-based tool. Ask Veri is an integrated solution on Veritone’s aiWARE platform, and soon will be available across the majority of Veritone’s commercial and public sector applications.
An enhancement for DMH, Veritone’s media asset management and monetisation tool, Ask Veri leverages generative AI to swiftly respond to queries and can provide customers with in-depth analysis, insightful summaries, and key findings for their digital media collection. With Ask Veri, customers can formulate their own questions, such as “What is the trend of monthly user activity?”, or “Source all available footage of Caitlin Clark during the NCAA tournament,” or use the interface’s intuitive, suggested queries to remove guesswork and provide a starting point for gathering the right content insights.
“With content production and consumption at an all-time high, media professionals face the overwhelming challenge of organising and activating an abundance of data. Ask Veri leverages Veritone’s industry experience and extensive knowledge base to provide both open-ended and template query prompts for DMH customers,” said Sean King, General Manager for Veritone Media and Entertainment. “For media professionals who aren’t sure where to start in their content journey, Ask Veri’s versatility in query type can help them quickly make sense of their media asset data and help them stay ahead in the market.”
Ask Veri comes at a time when one of generative AI’s most prominent use cases is content creation. Gartner notes that “By automating the process of generating natural language descriptions of data, organisations are saving time and resources while still gaining valuable data insights.”
Ask Veri streamlines the overall content experience for DMH customers – including TV networks, studios, production companies, and film and studio archivists – by eliminating the need for multiple data analyst resources or reporting tools. As a result, customers can quickly make informed decisions to highlight high-performing content, optimise engagement, and drive value from existing media assets.
King added: “In today’s fast-paced media landscape, where the content lifecycle is shrinking, Ask Veri is a valuable data exploration and activation ally for media professionals, enabling them to explore, analyse, and comprehend their report data more effectively, identify patterns in media usage, and recognise engagement trends among media buyers.”

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