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SpaceX pushing for lower orbits for phones

March 27, 2024

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX is asking the FCC for permission to operate some of its mega-constellation of satellites at much lower orbits of 340-360 kms altitude in order to better serve its ‘direct-to-phone’ service.

SpaceX, in its FCC application, sayid: “Operating at lower altitudes will also shorten the physical link between the ground and the satellite, enabling lower-latency supplemental coverage service that will support real-time applications, including during emergencies where it matters most.”

SpaceX told the FCC that its system will operate with standard cellphone models and cellular devices, and “will offer a seamless solution to the disparate connectivity needs of residential, commercial, and governmental users.”

“The direct-to-cellular system will offer millions of people cellular connectivity where none previously existed or where terrestrial systems have been damaged, destroyed, overloaded, or made otherwise unavailable,” stated SpaceX.

“Finally, direct-to-cell beams will be divided into small channels that may vary depending on regulatory requirements, mobile partner spectrum holdings, and other conditions in other jurisdictions globally,” added SpaceX.

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