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British game shows where people often take a gamble

April 4, 2024

Brits love game shows. Hundreds of thousands of people tune in to watch them every single week, with some of them gracing screens for decades. Many of them encourage people to take a gamble, whether it is opting for a random answer in a multiple-choice question, or accepting an offer for a mystery box where the value is unknown.

ICS Digital looks at British game shows where people often take a gamble.

The Chase

Each episode of The Chase pits three people against a trivia expert, who is known as the Chaser. Each player has to answer questions so that they can stay ahead of the Chaser and bank the cash prize for their team. Whoever manages to make it home, is then given a chance to compete in the Final Chase. One of the reasons why this show is so popular is because of Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett. He’s got a sharp tongue and a witty demeanour that helps to add comedy and tension to the game. Players often find themselves taking a gamble by answering questions based on just a hunch, as they battle it out to come home with the cash prize.

Deal or No Deal

This is a long-running game show where contestants are pushed to their limits as they go up against the mysterious banker. They have to choose whether to accept a cash offer, or whether they should take home the amount that’s in their sealed box. The hit show has been rebooted by ITV and has since seen Stephen Mulhern as the permanent host. Rumours of a reboot started in 2023 after two pilot shows proved to be successful. The game show is so successful that it’s gone on to inspire other game versions, including Deal or No Deal: The Big Hit Megaways and Deal or No Deal: The Bankers Call. Both games can be played on the Buzz Bingo app.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
is a British television show created by Steven Knight, Mike Whitehill and David Briggs. This show sees contestants answer multiple-choice questions. You have no time limit and the amount that you could win increases with every question you get right. The original British show was hosted by Chris Tarrant, who hosted his final episode on February 11th 2014. The revival, which is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, received positive reviews from critics, with ITV renewing the show for more seasons.

When people are unsure as to whether or not they have the right answer, they can either phone a friend or they can eliminate two wrong answers using the 50:50 option. These lifelines often result in people taking a gamble as sometimes, even with additional help, the questions are so tough that an educated guess is often required. Players can also choose to walk away with the money they have but at the expense of giving up the chance to come away with a million pounds. So far, only six people have come away with the jackpot, but as new seasons air, that could be about to change.

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