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Amagi announces collaboration with Argoid AI

April 16, 2024

Amagi, the global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, has announced a collaboration with Argoid AI, a specialist in AI-powered business solutions, to integrate AI-powered scheduling automation into its Amagi PLANNER product. This initiative is designed to assist FAST channel programmers in leveraging AI technology to schedule content that captivates and retains viewers with the appropriate content.

The growing global FAST market presents challenges such as managing multiple channels across various regions. Each region has complex content rights management and nuanced platform requirements which need significant efforts on the programming front. Argoid AI’s machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise will empower Amagi PLANNER to analyse viewership, content affinity, and social trends, generating AI-driven scheduling recommendations to optimise the channel programming.

“This collaboration positions Amagi as an innovator in TV programme scheduling,” said Baskar Subramanian, Co-founder and CEO, Amagi. “By leveraging Argoid AI’s expertise, we aim to achieve scheduling efficiency, maximise viewer satisfaction, and drive business growth for our customers.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Amagi to revolutionize TV program scheduling,” said Gokul Muralidharan, CEO and Co-Founder at Argoid AI. “By integrating our AI capabilities with Amagi PLANNER, we can empower schedulers with data-driven insights, ultimately creating a more engaging viewing experience for audiences.”

The initiative prioritises a balance between automation and creative control. Schedulers will retain the flexibility to shape programming, particularly during strategic slots. Amagi PLANNER will become a powerful tool for implementing nuanced scheduling strategies.

The scarcity of skilled TV schedulers is an industry concern. This collaboration directly addresses the demand for AI-powered solutions to reduce scheduling workloads, aiming to optimise efficiency while minimising manual effort.

Amagi PLANNER and the jointly developed solution will be on demo at the NAB Show 2024.

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