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Why streaming services need an app

April 23, 2024

If you have any type of online media business, you need an app to remain competitive. Even the greatest content and digital marketing campaigns will be nothing if you don’t provide this service to your customers. While it is an expensive outlay, the rewards are plentiful.

They Allow Multiple Device Access

The biggest advantage of an app is that it often allows the service to be used on multiple devices. Once configured for iOS or Android, it can function on most mobile phones, tablets and televisions. In the modern age, this is essential as many people turn to their mobile devices as their main source of entertainment. The phone now functions as a computer, communication device and entertainment hub. By providing the app, your streaming service can be accessed in locations where a television can not.

It is not just streaming services that need an app either. Most entertainment options will now provide an app to improve easy access to its products. In competitive industries, this is vital to forge loyalty with customers and edge out the competition. The online casino industry is one area that has seen the services that provide apps edge ahead of their counterparts. A look at this Pokerstars casino review shows how important a functioning app is. When combined with its ability to provide offers via notifications and customer service information, the app is a vital piece of kit.

They Increase Revenue

With more people being able to access your service, this should naturally result in an upward curve in viewing figures. Once this happens, you can start to monetise the app.

There are a few ways to do this. The first is to provide tiered pricing. You may start with a free model that contains advertisements, then ask people to pay a subscription to be ad-free. You may also offer further incentives, such as increased programming or the ability to download shows to a device. This also allows you to make money from advertising, just in the way YouTube does. Videos can pop up at certain intervals throughout a programme or even at the start. The more viewers you have, the more you will be able to charge.

They Can Personalise User Experience

You have probably encountered personalised experiences, explained more by UX Magazine, when programmes are suggested to you based on previous viewing habits. This becomes even more targeted when the subscriber begins to provide feedback and rate what they have watched.

The positive is that to do this, the client must provide data. This is invaluable, telling you the kind of shows people like, even to the point at which they turn them off. When you combine it with demographics you can find out a lot about the customers, and how to retain them or attract new ones.

An app may cost to develop and it won’t be an easy process. You will need rigorous research and design to get it just right. But the payoff will be great, building loyal customers who come back to your service time and time again.

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