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Veritone launches consulting service

May 8, 2024

Veritone, a specilaist in designing human-centered AI solutions, has announced the launch of its AI consulting and services group to bridge the marketplace gap for seamless implementation of AI. With a decade of expertise in developing and deploying AI applications and solutions, Veritone is poised to serve as a strategic partner for AI providers and end customers, facilitating the adoption and integration of AI technologies to drive business success.
“The proliferation of AI technologies has created significant opportunities for organisations across industries, yet many struggle to navigate the complexities of implementation effectively. Veritone’s AI consulting and services group addresses the growing demand for expert guidance in AI implementation,” said Ryan Steelberg, chief executive officer of Veritone. “Our services group will help customers realise the value of AI and serve as a significant growth driver for Veritone.”
Veritone’s advisory proficiency has played a crucial role in the company’s achievement of AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status within the AWS Partner Network (APN). AWS Advanced Tier Services Partners are organisations recognised for proven technical experience and demonstrated customer experience. To attain AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status, Veritone met several AWS technical requirements, including AWS certifications, capabilities, and implementations as well as AWS technical and business professional training accreditations.
Achieving AWS Advanced Tier Services status acknowledges Veritone’s AI consulting and services group, which plays a pivotal role in the advancement of AI, empowering customers to effectively use and derive the most benefit from the technology. By combining human expertise with aiWARE technology, the newly formed group will empower businesses on their digital transformation journey through custom AI strategy development, AI workflow solutions and innovation workshops. Furthermore, Veritone consulting and services group can assist in data preparation and migration, expediting path to AI activation.
Veritone, already in the “differentiated” stage of their AWS Partner Paths journey, is now an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner offering unique value in enterprise AI to advance human potential and help organisations achieve more than ever before. The achievement will further empower Veritone to develop and deploy innovative AI solutions, similar to the media management platform and licensing services Veritone architected for US Soccer. By integrating Veritone’s AI technology on AWS, clients can expect enhanced scalability, reliability and performance for their AI-driven initiatives.
“By leveraging Veritone’s Digital Media Hub AI tagging system, we can preserve soccer’s rich history by more effectively managing, searching, and sharing content,” said Nick Burton, Director of Content Distribution and New Media at US Soccer. “Additionally, with support from its global licensing service, Veritone empowers us to monetize our content, generating new revenue streams and increasing engagement with soccer fans around the world.”
Veritone’s achievement of the AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status complements Veritone’s “differentiated” stage in the AWS Software Partner Path. As an AWS Marketplace seller, Veritone offers numerous AWS-validated offerings in key areas such as machine learning and public safety. Additionally, Veritone provides insights and content contributions to the Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) for AWS Partners, highlighting the company’s ability to drive AI transformation through application development, generative AI and AI model development onboarding.

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