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Binge Korea launches on Vizio in US

May 10, 2024

NEW ID, the first in-house venture announced by media group NEW (Next Entertainment World), has announced that Binge Korea, its K-content specialised CTV App, has launched on Vizio, offering a variety of FAST channels. Vizio Smartcast users gain can gain access to a range of Korean content, including K-pop, Korean dramas, movies, variety shows, as well as kids and food content, all consolidated into one platform through the installation of the Binge Korea app.

Binge Korea’s launch on Vizio is NEW ID’s fifth launch of Binge Korea on major smart TVs and CTV platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, LG and Roku.

Binge Korea is crafted through the self-developed CMS of NEW ID, integrating real-time advertising and an app construction solution. It offers users an optimised environment to explore various K-content channels according to their preferences, featuring 24-hour live content streaming. The platform boasts a specialised UI/UX designed to enable easy content discovery using a TV remote control, categorised by genres, channels, time slots, and individual IP addresses.

NEW ID CEO, June Park, commented: “I am pleased to announce the launch of Binge Korea on Vizio, the leading smart TV platform in the United States. By bringing together the Korean content and FAST, we aim to expand our reach to the US viewers and strive to create a new success story in the advertising business.”

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