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Avanti accredits of StarWin’s Ka-band

May 20, 2024

Multi-orbit satellite provider, Avanti Communications, has announced the accreditation of StarWin’s new Ka-band LeopardWin and Leopard terminals on its network.

The companies say the accreditations strengthen their commitment to providing resilient and adaptable connectivity solutions to government, military, and enterprise customers globally.

StarWin’s Ka-Band Leopard series of terminals provide users with high-speed data and reliable communications in any environment. It offers complete flexibility being fully interchangeable between vehicles (land or maritime) and static ground positions, providing options for both Communications On The Move (COTM) and Communications On The Pause (COTP).

This latest accreditation represents a milestone for the development of the satellite communications industry in providing seamless connectivity for customers operating in the most unpredictable and remote environments. It follows Avanti and StarWin’s successful testing of the Electronically Steered Phased Array Antenna (ESA) terminal for COTM on Avanti’s HYLAS 4 Ka-band satellite in October 2023.

Donald Walker, Senior Vice President of Government and Defence, Avanti Communications, commented: “We know that flexible and resilient connectivity for our government and military customers is of the utmost importance. We’re pleased to be working in partnership with StarWin once more to strengthen our connectivity offerings and provide a flexible and trusted option to those who need it most. This latest advancement in satellite technology will ensure our customers benefit from best-in-class connectivity, no matter where they are.”

Amelia Liu, COO and Co-founder of StarWin, added: “Government, military, and enterprise customers require secure and versatile satcom connections for land, marine, and air mobility solutions. Utilising Avanti’s HYLAS 4 Ka-band satellite and comprehensive service, StarWin’s cutting-edge multi-orbit Ka-band Leopard-Full Dimensional ESA and LeopardWin-Hybrid ESA terminals deliver exceptional performance. The terminals provide adaptable connectivity for automobiles, trains, shipping vessels, helicopters, and large UAVs. We are delighted to collaborate with Avanti to ensure global government, military, and enterprise customers have access at any time and from any location, benefiting from superior satellite communication for exchanging videos, phone calls, images, and data information to enhance work efficiency and productivity.”

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