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Sunset+Vine to produce new show for World Chess

May 29, 2024

World Chess, the chess organisation committed to enhancing the global mass market appeal of chess, has announced the launch of its new television programme which will be broadcast on a number of major TV stations globally.

Scheduled to air from September 2024, the new series will consist of ten episodes, each approximately 30 minutes long. Produced in collaboration with sports production company Sunset+Vine, the programme will feature content that addresses major issues in the world of chess, including cheating, gender equality, politics and scandals, as well as coverage of major events.

Ilya Merenzon, Chief Executive Officer of World Chess, commented: “We are excited to launch this new TV programme at a time when chess is experiencing a global boom. Our goal is to bring the excitement, drama, and strategic depth of chess to a wider audience. With the expertise of Sunset+Vine, this TV series will not only entertain but also educate and inspire viewers around the world. Following the successes of our Armageddon Series, which we launched in 2023 across major TV channels including Bloomberg and MSNBC, we are excited to continue innovating and expanding the reach of chess, using our new TV series to recognise and celebrate this competitive sport.”

Peter Angell, Chief Executive Officer of Sunset+Vine, said: “We are proud to partner with World Chess on this innovative project. Our team is committed to showcasing the intensity and intrigue of chess, making it accessible and engaging for a global audience.”

Andrey Insarov, Chief Executive Officer of Domains, added: “This groundbreaking partnership between World Chess, Sunset+Vine, and Domains is more than just a television programme, it’s a strategic move to elevate chess from a niche interest to a mainstream phenomenon. Chess is transcending the board to become a spectator sport appealing to all ages and backgrounds. As long-time supporters of the chess community, Domains is proud to partner in popularising chess through innovative content that entertains while educating viewers on the profound strategies at play.”

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