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MPA plans movie piracy crackdown

Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association, has confirmed the body will work with Members of Congress to enact judicial site-blocking legislation in the US. Delivering a State of the Industry address at CinemaCon 2024 in Las Vegas, Rivkin noted that in 2023, box office was up 20 per cent from the […]

April 11, 2024By Colin Mann

Surveys highlight effective site blocking benefits

The most recent piracy landscape consumer surveys commissioned by trade body the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) show that while piracy rates remain stable in many countries around Asia-Pacific, there have been notable increases in piracy rates in Thailand and Taiwan, with a discernible increase also in Hong Kong. Notably, rights holders face challenges in procuring […]

May 15, 2023By Colin Mann

Singapore: Site blocking success

Trade body the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) has commended the Singapore High Court for its latest Order to block another 20 illegal streaming sites and associated domains responsible for the distribution of illegally streamed content in Singapore. Under the Order, Internet Service Providers must disable access to these illegal sites and […]

April 17, 2023By Colin Mann

CreativeFuture calls for US site-blocking action

Ruth Vitale, CEO of US creative industries trade body CreativeFuture, has called for members of Congress to discuss site blocking legislation. Writing an opinion piece in political blog The Hill, Vitale notes that after 30+ years of working as an indie film distributor, she became CreativeFuture’s CEO out of a deep concern that the US […]

February 24, 2023By Colin Mann

Singapore: More illegal domains blocked

Trade body the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) has confirmed that under the terms of the ‘dynamic’ injunction granted by the Singapore High Court Order in February 2022, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have blocked a further 99 domains associated with the 30 illegal streaming sites that were first blocked in February. The […]

September 20, 2022By Colin Mann

Record industry extends site-blocking to mobile networks

The BPI, the representative voice for independent and major record labels, has confirmed that UK High Court website blocking of pirate music sites and apps – which previously applied only to users of fixed line broadband networks – is being extended to users of mobile networks, starting with EE, part of the BT group. Website […]

July 12, 2022By Colin Mann

Philippines: Rights group calls for site-blocking

Philippines rights group CitizenWatch has called on the nation’s legislators to give the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) more power to do its job effectively. “Citizens are the ultimate losers in online piracy,” declares Atty. Tim Abejo, Co-Convenor. “In violating intellectual property, pirates threaten the viability of the creative industry. They must be […]

June 17, 2022By Colin Mann

Indonesia claims site blocking success

Trade body the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) has been tracking traffic to sites that have been blocked in Indonesia, as well as overall traffic to pirate sites and legitimate sites. The Indonesian government started blocking illegal sites in the middle of 2019 and by April this year the total number of […]

April 11, 2022By Colin Mann