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Online video most popular

July 25, 2008

Though time spent consuming online video in Europe has grown by 50 per cent in the last 12 months, it has not been at the expense of TV: European Internet users still spend more time watching TV than going online. But the European audience for video content, fuelled by next-generation broadband connections and increased laptop ownership, will see further growth as multiple online outlets emerge. As online consumption of video grows, European broadcasters must develop strategies to distribute content across online and TV to engage an increasingly fragmented audience.

Short form video content – typified by YouTube – currently accounts for the majority of online video behaviour and just nine per cent of Europeans watch full length video. However Jupiter predicts this rate will increase significantly as the success of TV broadcaster online services such as the BBC’s iPlayer in the UK and M6 Replay in France demonstrates the growing appetite for watching longer-form vide

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