Advanced Television

Connected TVs 25% of new in US

February 25, 2010

More than one quarter of all TVs purchased by US consumers in January were linked to the Internet, according to a survey conducted by iSuppli.

Among US consumers that purchased new televisions in January, 27.5 per cent indicated their sets were connected to the Internet, either though the internal capabilities of their TVs, or via external devices, such as digital video boxes or game consoles.

iSuppli's survey revealed that 41.9 per cent of Internet-connected televisions in the US in January were IETVs. The next most popular means of connection, at 20.3 per cent, was through video game consoles. This was followed by Blu-ray players at 13.2 per cent, and digital video boxes and other means of connection, such as PCs, which were tied at 12.3 per cent each.

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