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US Web TV homes spend 31% of viewing time online

May 17, 2010

Consumer research from One Touch Intelligence has revealed detailed observations about an emerging sector within the US television marketplace – households in which adult viewers routinely watch long-form, scripted TV shows and movies from the Internet.

Based on a survey of 1,007 households in which respondents watched full-length TV shows or movies within the past month, One Touch Intelligence found that:

– Viewing of full-length content from the Internet occupies 31 per cent of the total time these viewers spend with various at-home television sources. That's more than twice the amount of time spent watching DVD or Blu-ray discs and 5x the amount of time spent watching On Demand or pay-per-view content.

– Hulu is the most-watched Internet video site, with 53 per cent of Internet video households watching long-form content from Hulu at least once a month. The percentage of long-form Internet video households that watch Hulu is higher than the percentage watching YouTube.

– Viewers who watch Internet video on TV screens are significantly less likely to watch short-form content than those who watch over PCs, and are more likely to use a videogame console to connect Internet video to the TV screen than a PC or Internet-connected TV set.

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