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EchoStar Freesat+ DVR with SlingLoaded TV anywhere

March 23, 2011

EchoStar Europe have unveilled their SlingLoaded HDS-600RS, a HD digital video recorder (DVR) to combine Freesat+ features with Sling Media’s place-shifting ability, enabling TV anywhere, on all popular smartphones and tablets.

The SlingLoaded feature enables users to watch and manage their live and recorded TV remotely anytime, anywhere, via 3G or Wi-Fi, with no additional monthly fees. With Freesat+, viewers get over 150 digital channels, including HD, On Demand services and the ability to pause, rewind and record TV, all subscription free. There’s seamless access to catch-up TV including BBC iPlayer, with other connected TV services including ITV Net Player to follow.

Once connected to home broadband, the EchoStar HDS-600RS will Sling live or recorded TV anywhere, to iPhones, iPads or Android smartphones or tablets, and any device supported by SlingPlayer Mobile – as well as Macs or PCs via SlingPlayer (which can be accessed for free, online).

The EchoStar HDS-600RS delivers a host of viewing options including‘live pause and rewind, simultaneously watch one show and record another, and one touch series-link via the HD Electronic Programme – and it also boats a 500GB hard disk drive.

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