Flingo, Syabas power web-to-STB content

Smart TV applications publisher Flingois teaming up with Syabas, a global distributor of digital entertainment solutions, to bring Flingo’s open source project, Fling, to Syabas’s Popbox and Popcorn Hour set-top boxes. Consumers with these devices can now ‘fling’ videos and music directly from the Web to their TV. This partnership, adds more devices to Flingo, bringing its total to 7.2 million screens worldwide.

Consumers currently fling thousands of videos and music from the Web to their big screen TV every day. Viewers simply drag a bookmarklet to the browser bookmarks bar, and then browse a Flingo-supported website such as YouTube or Vimeo from a laptop or tablet. The website searches for and discovers the viewer’s smart TV. Viewers can then click the bookmark to fling the video to the TV or media device.

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