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Ofcom reveals UK TV trends

August 4, 2011

Nearly 10 million TV sets were sold in the UK in 2010, almost all of which were HD ready. There were nearly 1 million Internet-enabled TV sales during 2010, and 125,000 sales of TVs with 3D capabilities according to Ofcom research.

The UK TV industry collectively generated revenue of £11.7 billion in 2010, a 5.7 per cent increase on 2009, driven by both a recovery in advertising revenue (up by 11.2 per cent) as well as continued increases in subscription revenues (up by 5.3 per cent).

Spend on public service broadcasting network programming across the five main channels and the BBC digital channels increased by 5 per cent in nominal terms to £2.9 billion, the first increase in five years.

Time-shifted viewing in homes with digital video recorders (DVR) accounted for 14 per cent of all viewer hours in DVR homes in 2010, down by 1 percentage point from 2009.

Twenty seven per cent of adults said they used the Internet for viewing catch-up television services in the first three months of 2011, a 4 percentage point increase on 2010, and a 12 percentage point increase in two years.

Over half of all households (54 per cent) have a games console, with one fifth of these (22 per cent) saying they use them to view video or TV content.

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