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Intel, Shazam UGC ad for X Factor final

December 6, 2012

Intel and ITV have announced a Christmas promotion to support the new range of Ultrabook Convertibles. The TV spot, to run on ITV1 on 8th December, will culminate in a commercial featuring real-time user-generated content (UGC) submitted by viewers of ITV’s live The X Factor final. It will feature an accelerated edit and approval process for a TV advertising campaign to be seen in the UK and give viewers of The X Factor the chance to star in the specially adapted ad.

Viewers will be prompted before the start of The X Factor to open or download the Shazam App for a chance to be featured in the ad. A reminder will run during the first commercial break, along with a Shazam-enabled version of Intel’s ‘London Train’ ad, to encourage people to supply their own content to feature in the edited version, which will run after the show.

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