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SMPTE and VSF standards for high bit rate IP video

December 11, 2012

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), a specialist in motion-imaging standards, and the Video Services Forum (VSF), an international association dedicated to video networking technologies, have announced the latest two standards in a series that creates a standardised framework for the transport of video over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

The documents, including the latest additions known officially as SMPTE ST 2022-5:2012 Forward Error Correction for High Bit Rate Media Transport Over IP Networks and SMPTE ST 2022-6:2012 Transport of High Bit Rate Media Signals over IP Networks (HBRMT) are now available via the SMPTE digital library.

Originally created to support the transport of IT-related data and email traffic, IP networking technologies now support mission-critical, high-quality, real-time video services – and are being widely adopted by broadcast and media enterprises globally. In addition to offering the ability to share video assets quickly and efficiently, drive more cross-enterprise collaboration and potentially reduce operating and capital expenses, IP networking is bi-directional and lends itself to multi-point transmission which is needed to monetize content and advertising in new ways across multiple screens, such as computers, smart phones and tablets.

“IP Networks are growing in speed and capability, and so are video signals,” said Hans Hoffmann, SMPTE engineering vice president. “These new standards provide a framework for interoperability that will allow video producers, broadcasters and distributors to transport HD and other uncompressed video signals using equipment from a wide variety of suppliers.”

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