Advanced Television

thePlatform simplifies live event publishing

May 7, 2013

Recognising that historically, media companies have needed to juggle separate back-end systems for managing live online events and the rest of their premium video assets, white-label video publishing company thePlatform has introduced a single Web-based console to schedule and manage live signal acquisition and encoding, handle dynamic advertising insertion and metadata creation, and automatically archive live video broadcasts to create rapid video-on-demand (VoD) clips or replays.

The enhanced live video service will be offered as an integrated component of thePlatform’s mpx video publishing system. As part of mpx, TV broadcasters and service providers, cable programmers, and other media companies can centrally manage on-demand and live video content for playback across computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

“Delivering quality, live online video broadcasts of major events is more technologically and economically feasible than ever before,” said Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform. “Given the rise in popularity of online viewing for events, especially sports, companies are looking to mpx for a scalable, enterprise-class system that seamlessly manages live events, as part of their broader video portfolio. We’re now making everything simpler—one console for simplified management, one feed to enable content discovery, one player to watch across screens, and a rapid transition of the event into VoD files.”

With mpx, companies can manage live events in real-time, from a single Web console, and use thePlatform’s Player Service to view live events on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The new service will enable customers to take advantage of features offered by a variety of hardware and cloud-based transcoding partners. mpx’s initial embedded console implementation is with Elemental Live, and thePlatform plans similar integrations with other partners throughout the year.



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