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C4 personal ads

August 19, 2013

vauxhallChannel 4 is to debut “dynamic personalised video ads” service Adapt on the 4oD on-demand service. The first client is car maker Vauxhall.

In what Channel 4 claims is a “UK media first” the ad format will allow advertisers
to serve different ads to viewers registered with based on their age and gender. The Vauxhall ads will target female viewers with a personality quiz and competition link, while male viewers will be served a colour palette to they can visualise the advertised car in a range of different colours.

David Amodio, digital and creative, Channel 4, said: “This is great example of Channel 4 bringing together our viewer data strategy alongside our innovative suite of 4oD ad formats to offer advertisers the chance to target the right audiences with impactful and engaging creative.”

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