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Vindico offers ad-blocking across entire platform

April 30, 2014

Ad management platform Vindico has integrated ad blocking capabilities into its suite of digital ad solutions for marketers. Vindico’s ad blocking solution is powered by Adtricity, the leading viewability and verification technology for video advertising, and effectively protects advertisers’ digital investments at scale.

By utilising Vindico’s Adtricity, advertisers are able to identify questionable domains – where ads could run unseen – and immediately add them to their blacklist. As the buy-side ad server, Vindico can quickly and easily update a client’s blacklist to real time block any ad from running on those identified domains. Vindico’s ad blocking capability can also be used to block based on viewability, player size, iframe and content.

The Media Rating Council’s (MRC) draft viewability guidelines currently state that video viewability should be measured as 50 per cent of the ad in view for a continuous two seconds. MRC’s gating period on transacting based on this standard will expire on June 30th.

“In the digital world, the power for agencies is at the point of delivery,” said Matt Timothy, president, Vindico. “Having a single platform that has both the technology to identify bad domains and the tools to prevent the ad from running gives advertisers the greatest amount of control and efficiency.”

Vindico’s Adtricity is a comprehensive measurement of quality unifying two concepts: verification and viewability. Adtricity’s standardised and transparent system of measurement evaluates over 100 metrics.

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