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Viggle reminders drive audiences back to live TV

May 6, 2014

Viggle, the  entertainment marketing and rewards platform, has published results from its first NextGuide Reminder user survey, that reveals how modern TV audiences discover and tune in to watch TV shows. The poll results included responses from US-based television audiences on their favourite methods of discovering new shows, preferences around notifications of TV airing information, and resulting behaviors on receiving notifications.

The key finding of the NextGuide Reminder platform is that TV audiences will tune in to watch when they are reminded that shows are on air.  Almost half (47 per cent) of survey respondents reported that “NextGuide Reminders lead me to turn on the television when I would have been doing something else.” Additionally, 37 per cent of respondents revealed that when a NextGuide Reminder is set for a show they often set additional reminders for other shows on the same network or website.

Another interesting outcome of the survey is the clear impact NextGuide Reminders have on driving audiences to discover new content. In fact, 34 per cent of respondents answered, “NextGuide reminders lead me to tune into a show that I otherwise would not have watched.”

“We’re thrilled to see these kind of results. The power of the Viggle platform is to bring together consumers and brands around entertainment content and its success is predicated on driving awareness and tune-in,” said Greg Consiglio, President and COO of Viggle Inc. “The survey results confirm our hypothesis on reminders’ role in doing just that. Reminders continue to be an effective platform for getting people to watch live TV when they otherwise might not have as well as getting them to watch additional TV shows from the same networks.”

The survey also revealed that 46 per cent of respondents are setting reminders for new shows, reinforcing the basic necessity of getting people to discover new content. Further, 81 per cent of respondents stated they set reminders for programmes they already watch. This data reveals a counterintuitive nuance – as most TV studios drastically reduce promotional budgets for shows with large and existing fan bases.

NextGuide Reminder users were surveyed on a variety of communication and notification platforms, including email, SMS, push notification, Twitter and other options. Sixty-eight per cent of users indicated email was their first or second choice of notification method. Interestingly, 48 per cent of survey respondents indicated Twitter as their least desired form of tune-in reminder notification (only 4 per cent selected Twitter as first or second choice).

“Television today is scattered across a plethora of platforms,” said Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst of nScreenMedia. “It’s just too easy for viewers to get distracted and miss a favorite show. TV networks need to pursue tools, like reminders, that help viewers keep track of the programming that they interested in.”

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