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Spoilers and channel-flicking among worst TV habits

May 7, 2014

Constant questioning of plotlines, flicking channels and noisy eating have been revealed as some of the most annoying TV habits. Viewers who tale phone calls or guess the ending also featured highly in the list of irritating traits in a TV companion, alongside hogging the remote control and forgetting to record your favourite show.

The study of 2000 TV lovers conducted by TalkTalk found noise from another room and viewers who predict what is going to happen on the screen also featured highly in the list.

The research also found that one in five telly fanatics see red when a TV companion is found to have deleted a show on the TV planner. And 75 per cent said their pet hate was being bombarded with questions from either friends or family about what is happening on screen. Reading spoilers on social media was also a common bugbear.

Constantly rewinding to watch things again that weren’t understood, making sarcastic comments or people who know what’s going to happen watching to see how you react were also cited as irritating.

When questioned about the most desired characteristics in a perfect TV companion, over half placed importance on their partner liking to watch the same programmes as them. A third valued a quiet companion who remains silent throughout an entire show and focuses on the action rather than being distracted by phone calls, emails and texts.

Forward thinkers that pre-record programmes so they can fast forward the ads and someone that recommends new shows matching your interests also scored highly in the list of the most sought after qualities.

However, whilst silence may be golden to many viewers, 25 per cent enjoy partaking in running commentary and banter with their TV viewing companions.

An unfortunate 38 per cent of adults said they had had a show completely ruined after reading a spoiler, with the most common culprit being friends’ status updates on Facebook.

Twitter, newspapers and overhearing people talk were also blamed for regularly giving the ending away on favourite TV programmes.

Top five traits of the perfect TV companion

1. Sit quietly throughout the whole programme
2. Watch TV with someone that likes the same programme as you
3. Only discuss the programme with someone once the programme has ended
4. Give 100 per cent to a programme rather than be distracted by phone calls, emails, social media and tablets
5. Pre-record the whole programme so you can sit down to watch it all the way through with no interruptions
6. Take advantage of watching TV as night in of relaxation
7. Make yourself comfy
8. Introduce your TV companions to new programmes
9. Have a good gossip, but only when you know it’s the same programme

Top five traits of the worst TV companion

1. Constantly question about storylines and character behaviour
2. Channel change – constantly flick from one to the next
3. Take phone calls
4. Eat noisily
5. Second guess what’s going to happen
6. Make jokes or sarcastic comments
7. Hog the remote
8. Forget to record a programme for you
9. Delete recorded programmes on the planner
10. Spoil endings by looking on social media

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