Advanced Television

BlackArrow audience-based frequency capping

August 20, 2014

BlackArrow, a provider of TV advertising and data solutions, has announced the latest release of the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System which provides support for audience-based frequency capping. The industry will now have the ability to manage the number of times an ad is seen by a unique household or device across on-demand platforms and TV viewed on devices.

As viewers shift when and where they consume television content, it becomes more challenging to control the number of times a viewer is exposed to an ad, risking overexposure and reduction in ad effectiveness. The new release of the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System allows advertisers to define frequency capping rules that control the number of times during a given period an ad is delivered to an audience segment, household or device, no matter which TV platform is being used. Frequency capping delivers several benefits both to the consumer and the industry. Advertisers can be given more granular control of how often audiences see a campaign across multiple TV environments, allowing for cross-platform frequency optimisation of campaign lines. This also results in a drastically better TV viewing experience, especially in binge viewing scenarios, since consumers will not be inundated with repetitive ads.

“The future of TV is bringing high quality TV content to viewers when and where they want to watch it,” said Jacob Naim, VP of Product Management at BlackArrow. “To monetize this content, the industry needs tools that can deliver targeted, frequency-controlled, dynamic ads to both TVs and IP based devices. Frequency capping is a fundamental component of any service provider’s converged, multiplatform TV service.”

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