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BrightLine, Samba TV ad partnership

October 15, 2014

BrightLine, a provider of advertising solutions on TV, has partnered with Samba TV, a publisher of Smart TV apps and multiscreen advertising, to deliver interactive advertising across 70+ connected TV apps in over 118 countries.

BrightLine and Samba TV integrated BrightLine’s interactive TV ad products, known as UXTV, into Samba TV’s connected TV app portfolio, unlocking a suite of interactive advertising capabilities that marketers can now add to their CTV video buys with Samba TV. UXTV ads feature on-demand video libraries, interactive games and galleries, live social feeds from all major social networks, the ability to share with a click of remote control, and even the ability to purchase.

“The promise of Smart TV 1.0 was to make the viewing experience more personal, engaging and interactive,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO of Samba TV. “We know Smart TV 1.0 only delivered pre-roll with no advances over traditional TV. With the ecosystem we are forming with companies like BrightLine we are forging Smart TV 2.0, with break-through interactive formats on the prime screen and synchronised messages on the secondary screens. People can connect more meaningfully with the brands and messages they care about.”

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