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Flingo, Innovid partner on smart TV ads

January 18, 2013

Flingo, a publisher of Smart TV apps, has formed a partnership with Innovid, the video technology platform, to offer advertisers interactive pre-roll video ads on smart TVs. Innovid’s iRoll is the standard for transforming video units into interactive experiences and offers a full suite of formats and advanced features. By bringing iRoll formats to Samba, Flingo’s interactive TV platform, marketers now have the ability to turn the traditional TV advertising experience into a two-dimensional communication that rewards consumer attention.

“Samba will transform how audiences interact with TV. Together with Innovid, we are enabling advertisers to bring the rich interactions and measurability that brands love about online advertising within TVs for the first time ever,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Flingo. “With Innovid we will fulfill on the promise of a truly interactive experience for smart TVs.”

Innovid’s iRoll formats allow marketers to insert interactive elements in video, facilitating immersive exploration of brands and products, and authentic assessment of consumer interest. Interactive functions include games, contest entries, social apps, coupons, and any other creative ideas that capture viewers’ curiosity and create powerful, immersive experiences for consumers. In addition, iRoll has the ability to shorten the sales cycle for marketers, by enabling direct response capabilities in a traditional branding medium, such as video. This innovative technology bridges TV and digital by bringing together the powerful visual experience of video and the full interactive capabilities of the Internet.

“Our partnership with Flingo allows advertisers to deliver a consistent brand experience not just to PC, mobile and tablet but now also Smart TV audiences using a single interactive video unit,” said Zvika Netter, CEO of Innovid,

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