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BBC World News No1 with Europe’s Opinion Leaders

October 27, 2014

An independent survey released by Ipsos sees BBC World News – the 24 hour international news channel – named as the top choice for European opinion leaders.  It was the most watched channel with more people tuning in in the past day, week and month, than any of its competitors and beating CNN into second place.  In addition the BBC’s digital news offering was most used international news website and App.

The European Opinion Leaders Survey measures the media habits of ‘opinion formers’ at the pinnacle of influence across a variety of sectors, including business, government, non-governmental organisations, science, medicine, the media, the arts and academia, across 17 European countries.

The survey also showed that BBC World News is regarded as the most influential, relevant and trustworthy TV news brand.

The findings include:
– BBC World News is the No1 international news TV channel for European opinion leaders.
– It is the most watched, with 49 per cent of respondents watching in the past month and 32 per cent watching in the past week.
– BBC World News is the most frequently viewed channel by European opinion leaders – 23 per cent watch at least three times a week.
– BBC News ( is the most used online international news provider, ahead of both TV and digital/press competitors.
– BBC World News is regarded as the most influential, relevant and trustworthy international news TV channel among the survey group, achieving at least a 10 point lead over the nearest competitor on each of these measures.
– BBC World News was the top choice for opinion leaders across politics & government, international development, academia and the arts. This means BBC World News and reach more of these opinion formers than any other media channel.

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