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Vodafone One first convergent offer

April 16, 2015

From David Del Valle in Madrid

A year after the €7.2 billion acquisition of Spain’s largest cable company ONO, Vodafone is launching its first convergent offer – including fixed and mobile telephony, broadband Internet access and TV – under the brand of ‘Vodafone One’, available from April 20th.

Vodafone One will cost from €43 to €83 and will rely on both FTTH and HFC to reach 8 million homes providing them with mobile services based on 4G, high broadband Internet access with download speeds of 30, 60, 120 and 200 Megabytes and upload speeds at 3, 6, 12 and 20 Megabytes and three different TV packages with TiVo service and new TV content.

The three TV packages are: Vodafone TV Esencial with 70 TV channels; Vodafone TV Extra with 100 TV channels and Vodafone Total with over 120 TV channels. The TV Esencial offer has a cost of €12 for subs with access to a basic mobile package, €6 for those with a medium mobile package and free of charge for those with a premium mobile package. Vodafone TV Extra costs in all cases an additional of €6 a month.

The company is also relying on TiVo to capture new subscribers allowing cloud recording of three simultaneous channels and connection with Internet platforms like Youtube. Vodafone One will also include up to 52 HD channels and a VoD service with over 3,000 titles with its Vodafone TV online service being available to up to five mobile devices for each customer.

Vodafone One will enable all its subs to enjoy Vodafone’s public WiFi network with access to up to 5G in free Wifi every month in Spain and 30 minutes a day abroad.

With this convergent offer, Vodafone intensifies competition in the Spanish market in the direct fight with incumbent Telefonica with its Fusion package.



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