Syfy Sync to LG Smart TV with Watchwith

NBCUniversal’s Syfy is using Watchwith to extend the reach of their Syfy Sync digital product to the next generation of connected TVs. NBCUniversal has selected LG as their premiere launch partner and Watchwith as their interactive content platform for Advanced TV. As part of the partnership, Syfy Sync is now available on LG Smart TVs during broadcasts of Syfy’s original series Defiance on VoD.

Syfy producers use the Watchwith Showrunner tool to author perfectly timed in-programme content that appears as an interactive overlay on the LG Smart TV. While enjoying the show, viewers can use their TV remote control to dive deeper into the Defiance backstory, learn more about characters and participate in audience polls – all without interrupting the programme. Behind the scenes, the LG Smart TV uses ACR (automatic content recognition) from Cognitive Networks to identify the specific episode of Defiance and launch the Watchwith Televised HTML5 application.

Matthew Chiavelli, Vice President, Digital Media & Strategy, said, “Watchwith has been a key partner in our Syfy Sync product development from the beginning. We’re happy to be working with them to bring it to yet another platform.The launch of Watchwith Televised for Syfy on LG TVs delivers on our promise to Syfy to engage their audience wherever and however they enjoy Syfy programming,” said Watchwith CEO, Zane Vella. “The living room TV remains a key part of the digital strategy.”

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