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Triax and Astra present new IP-LNB

June 26, 2015

Triax, global supplier of innovative, high-tech solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals, and Astra presented a new eight- channel IP-LNB (low-noise block converter) from Triax at their respective stands at ANGA COM.

The new Triax IP-LNB is based on SES’ SAT-IP standard protocol technology and will deliver eight concurrent satellite programmes in SD, HD or even Ultra HD quality via IP to portable devices like, tablets, smartphones and to PCs or TV sets. This new technology converts satellite signals directly at the antenna into IP signals before distributing them via Ethernet, power-line communications (PLC) or a Wi-Fi local area network (WLAN). By locating the satellite reception and the IP bridging functions in the antenna the IP-LNB will enable satellite content distribution to the home over a single Ethernet cable. The IP-LNB may be powered over that same cable through Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, greatly reducing the overall system cost and power consumption.

“The IP-LNB will provide consumers with a new option when it comes to distributing unmatched high- quality TV content to multiple TVs or tablet computers over IP. Such innovation has always been part of the roadmap when we established SAT-IP as an open standard,” said Wolfgang Elsäßer, Managing Director Astra Deutschland. “It is exciting to see how our industry partners like TRIAX are working towards making satellite TV content easily accessible on all IP-devices at home so that everyone can enjoy high-quality images.”

“We believe in, that TV should be available anywhere and anytime. That is why we have invested in this new technology, which will allow people with satellite reception to have TV broadcasted on multiple devices like tablets, smartphones and TV’s and in a very high quality. The Free-To-Air version is ready, and for pay-TV solutions the next step will be to build in DRM in partnering with broadcasters who want to take part in this exciting future for satellite reception. The potential and the possibility is there, and this is a unique opportunity to be first mover, and harvest from new revenue streams, says Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, Product Director at TRIAX.

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