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Motive goes to sea with MTN 

July 20, 2015

Motive Television, the technology provider to broadcasters and pay television operators, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MTN (Maritime Telecommunications Network) Satellite Communications of Miramar, FL.

Under the MOU, the Company will provide Motive’s BYOD TV technology and paid engineering support to assist MTN in developing new services to be marketed by MTN to its worldwide clients.

MTN is the leading provider of communications and content services for remote locations around the world serving the cruise, yachts, ferries, oil & gas, commercial shipping and government markets. On 13 July 2015, EMC announced it had completed its acquisition of MTN.  The combined global company retains the name ‘EMC’ and is now headquartered at MTN’s Miramar, FL offices.

Supported by one of the world’s most secure networks, covering 99 percent of the world’s populated regions and the majority of all ocean regions, MTN provides communications and content services to the maritime industry. These include end user products, enterprise and technical solutions, network management and bandwidth optimisation.

MTN extends its presence through a global network of Maritime Service Providers (MSPs) and Resellers.

Under this MOU, Motive will make the modifications and customisation necessary to make it possible for MTN to provide a demonstration of BYOD TV to its customers at a key trade exhibition in September 2015. Should MTN decide to go forward following the exhibition, Motive will complete a marketing agreement with MTN whereby MTN is licensed to market and offer such services to MTN clients and customers.

While it is not possible to estimate the ultimate value of this MOU and prospective marketing agreement, at this time the directors of the Company believe that partnering with MTN would have very significant value to Motive.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive commented, “Through partnering with MTN, a world-leading supplier of maritime communications, Motive can greatly extend the marketing reach of its BYOD TV technology to thousands of ships including ferries, cruise ships, yachts, and commercial vessels that are clients and customers of MTN for maritime communications services. This cooperation with MTN could quickly make Motive’s BYOD TV an industry-leading solution.”

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