Advanced Television

SpotX, clypd ad-sales platform

November 3, 2015

With the TV industry moving towards greater synergies between the sale of traditional and digital video inventory, SpotX and clypd announce the development of a single solution for media owners to manage the sale of all forms of television assets and video inventory.

The pairing of SpotX’s digital video platform and clypd’s linear TV platform will create ad sales solutions that empower media companies to holistically monetise audiences and video across all distribution points.

“We knew from the outset the industry was moving toward a way of holistically measuring audiences, no matter how they were watching,” said Randy Cooke, VP of Programmatic TV at SpotX.

“For TV and digital audiences to monetise at equitable rates befitting the true value of each, the industry needed a way of managing inventory optimisation and audience fulfillment across all ad-supported distribution channels,” Cooke said.

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