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Australia: Beach, office are big for sports streaming

January 24, 2017

Research from Optus has found that 39 per cent of Australians live stream sports on the go, confirming Australia’s undeniable passion for sport and unwavering commitment to catching all the sporting action.

The streaming experience is richer than ever, allowing fans to relive the moment, listen to commentary and catch all the live action, and it seems Aussies can’t get enough, with 58 per cent of sport streamers admitting to checking the scores or live streaming while at work.

A growing number of fans are pushing the boundaries on where and when they stream, with 34 per cent of sports streamers admitting to live streaming or score checking at a wedding, a nightclub or party or while on a date, and 5 per cent taking it even further, having admitted to catching the sporting action whilst getting intimate with someone.

Proving that there’s never a bad time to watch sport, 12 per cent of sports streamers admitted to streaming live sport in the bathroom, with a further five per cent saying they have live streamed or checked scores while in the labour suite.

Location isn’t an issue, with 43 per cent of sports streamers saying they live stream or check scores while they’re enjoying the beach, and keeping up to date on the go is popular – with 22 per cent saying they watch sport on public transport.

Australians are sport obsessed, and with a jam packed sports calendar this month with the Australian Open and Big Bash League, it’s no surprise that 37 per cent of sports streamers \admit to checking the sport action online while they’re at a live sporting event.

Kevin Pietersen, Melbourne Stars Cricketer said, “I’ve always loved the passion and enthusiasm of Australian fans, and I get a real buzz from knowing they’re watching around the country. Streaming sport is perfectly suited to the Aussie lifestyle because it means you can watch every wicket, run and catch, from wherever you need to be. I’m not surprised by the results when it comes to live streaming at work. We’re all so busy but fortunately in Australia we can catch the action 24/7 and watching the cricket would be a welcome distraction in a long board meeting, but perhaps not for the boss. My family and I love checking out the beaches whenever we come to Australia and I’ve been known to live stream sport on the go. With such a beautiful climate, it’s great that you don’t need to be stuck in doors to catch the game.”

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