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Research: 40% bought or trialled after podcast recommendation

May 19, 2017

Podcast advertising is reaching a targeted audience of highly-engaged and influenced listeners – with a quarter of listeners saying they would be ‘more likely’ to buy a product recommended by a podcast host.

In a survey of 2,646 UK podcast listeners by audioBoom, 25 per cent said they were ‘more likely’ to purchase a product mentioned by a podcast host because they trusted their judgement, while 38 per cent said they had bought, tried or researched a product supported by a host.

Listeners revealed overwhelming backing for advertising within podcasts, with 77 per cent saying they supported ads and live reads to keep the format free for users.

The survey also revealed 76 per cent of podcast listeners are graduates – meaning the audience are educated and conscious about how they spend their money – and a third (33.3 per cent) listened to more than seven podcasts a week.

Ruth Fitzsimons, SVP of International Operations & Content Partnerships at audioBoom: commented: “These results give us real insight into how engaged our listeners are, not only with podcast hosts, but also with the brands that advertise within our content. Podcast hosts are upfront about advertising, explaining it funds the podcast. That honesty builds trust and, in turn, our research shows listeners are more likely to trust the brands their hosts recommend and are more likely to buy from those brands.”

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