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CLICKON predicts future of TV Champions League

June 2, 2017

With the Champion’s League final taking place on June 3rd, CLICKON, a digital publisher and video content studio for generation Y’s sports fans, has predicted what the Champion’s League coverage could look like ten years from now.

Consumer Experience 

Immersive experiences for non-attending fans is predicted to be high on the sporting agenda. Augmented Reality (AR) will play a vital role and viewers will be able to buy front row tickets to some of the biggest sporting events on their calendar, for a fraction of the cost.  Brands and teams will have the opportunity to offer immersive add-ons such as allowing fans to be able to stand on the touchlines and interact with the players.

TV viewing and non-traditional advertising 

As the way that fans consume sports evolves, the scope of what advertisers can do will evolve with it. Full ‘eye’ takeover will mean that ads can appear in front of viewers eyes during pauses in play.

More and more people are choosing to watch sports on their phones and other devices, commercial breaks will need to become faster, punchier and more contextual than ever before for the impatient mobile consumer.

The impact on content marketing 

AR gives content marketers the opportunity to deliver cutting-edge solutions to drive viewership and we can expect to see the likes of Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms fast adapting to allow content marketers to reach millions of fans.

There will be a multitude of options available from locker room talk to hanging out with the coach and players on the touchline, it couldn’t be a more exciting time as fans will get the chance to be brought closer to the action wherever they are in the world. A Manchester United fan in India will still get to feel the excitement as if he was actually in the stadium at Old Trafford.

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