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SpotX launches Audience Lock feature

June 14, 2017

Video ad serving platform SpotX has introduced Audience Lock, a new solution that provides a secure environment to conduct data-driven transactions and allows buyers and sellers to maintain complete control of data ownership.

As both media owners and ad buyers activate more first- and third-party data to improve targeting, additional safeguards are required around data protection. Designed for broadcasters, TV networks, OTT platforms, telecommunications companies and other owners of high-value, unique data, Audience Lock allows targeting in a secure environment, helping media owners raise their overall yields, particularly in live or linear OTT content, while delivering higher ROIs for advertisers.

“Effective transactions at scale are sometimes held back by legitimate privacy concerns shared by all parties,” Klosowski said. “Audience Lock alleviates these concerns by matching user IDs and audience segments in a controlled environment, and ensures proprietary data is only available for the campaign at hand and can be configured to expire upon campaign completion. With the ability to define boundaries around who can see what data, media owners are able to protect the value of their data and facilitate direct sales, without concerns of data leakage or limiting buyer access to inventory.”

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