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SpotX teams with Immersion

June 23, 2017

Video ad serving platform SpotX and Immersion, a developer and licensor of haptic technology, have joined forces to bring haptic-responsive video advertising opportunities to market at scale on mobile devices. By teaming up, the pair will bring Immersion’s haptic technology across all media owners on SpotX’s platform, empowering advertisers with high-impact, tactile experiences.

Distribution has long been one of the biggest pain-points in the haptic ad market. The integration of Immersion’s technology with SpotX’s platform will make haptic mobile video adverts available at significant scale to advertising buyers, by automatically activating the possibility to deploy haptic ad units across compatible inventory from a range of premium publishers.

“As virtual reality, touchscreens, and wearable technology grow in popularity, opportunities to use haptics are growing rapidly, as high-quality tactile effects enhance the user experience,” said Sergio De Acha, Regional Head of Business Development at Immersion. “With ads you can feel, touch taps into an additional sense to help brands differentiate themselves. Our partnership with SpotX makes high-impact ad units available to buyers at scale, making the power of haptics more pervasive.”

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