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Israel: Partner multiscreen TV with Broadpeak

August 29, 2017

Broadpeak, a provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming technologies, has announced that Partner Communications, an Israeli communications operator, has launched a new TV service called Partner TV on 4K Android TV set-top boxes, smartphones, and tablet devices using Broadpeak solutions.

Partner Communications is delivering a mix of live, VoD, catch-up, time-shift, and cloud PVR TV content to its subscribers. Through Broadpeak’s BkS350 and BkS400 video servers, BkM100 video delivery manager, and BkA100 video delivery analytics, the communications operator can ensure a superior quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers anytime, anywhere, and on every screen.

“Video consumption is evolving. Today’s consumers want to watch high-quality video content everywhere, from TV sets in the living room to connected devices on the go. We knew that when launching our first TV offering, we needed to meet those requirements,” said Raz Bartov, VP of technologies and IT at Partner Communications. “Broadpeak provides us with a complete TV everywhere solution, encompassing origin and streaming servers, CDN management, and analytics, with support for all video formats and devices. Thanks to Broadpeak, we can easily measure the quality of experience that subscribers are receiving, monitor the popularity of content based on usage patterns, and make quality of service improvements when necessary.”

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