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SES invests over $1bn in new satellite fleet

September 21, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Las week, SES said it had ordered 7 new satellites from Boeing. The new mini-fleet will initially be launched starting in 2021. It has emerged that the massive order is valued at around $750 million, and when ground-based infrastructure is added in will take the total investment to more than $1 billion.

The new satellites will work in the O3b subsidiary as O3b mPower craft, and have a combined data throughput of 10 terabit, with about 30,000 spot-beams targeting the Earth and linking users as “the first multi-terabit system in orbit,” according to Steve Collar, who runs SES Networks.

The technology aboard the satellites is true ‘state of the art’ and based on highly-integrated electronics capable of being easily switched to satisfy terrestrial demand.

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