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Streamed ads ‘less annoying than broadcast’

October 5, 2017

A study claims online viewers accept advertising more and that advertisers are seeing a better response to their commercials.

Telaria (formerly Tremor Media) looked at five countries, including the US, and found that nearly 60 per cent of respondents think of streaming on a connected set as “watching TV.” Only 30 per cent of the respondent to the study considered watching on a smartphone as “watching TV.”

Half those surveyed said they felt that watching ads is a fair exchange for low-cost content. Moreover, ads on connected TV were “less annoying” than those on linear TV.

The study also confirmed commercials seem to work. More than half of the weekly users of connected TV will either research or purchase an item they see advertised in streaming content. “Consumers do value the exchange of content for the price of watching ads – as long as that ad-viewing experience is optimised, i.e. short ad pods, non-intrusive interruptions,” the report said.

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