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Survey: Consumers still want more from streaming services

January 2, 2018

A survey conducted by IBM Cloud Video examines viewing habits and pain points related to streaming video services.

Specifically, the survey dives into how streaming services can maintain a competitive edge within a crowded landscape. The findings reveal that despite the popularity of streaming services (two-thirds of consumers use a streaming service – the same amount of consumers who subscribe to cable), consumers are not satisfied with their viewing experience.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Consumers are still frustrated by technical difficulties, and it’s only getting worse. When streaming video, 81 per cent of consumers experience buffering or delayed start – up from 75 per cent of respondents in 2016.
  • Despite streaming services’ robust content offerings, consumers are not satisfied with the amount of available programming. Nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of consumers cite more content as the top change they would make to their streaming service.
  • Streaming services with ad-supported models need to rework their strategies: almost 60 per cent of consumers said that video advertising takes away from their viewing experience.
  • Content recommendations aren’t meeting consumers’ needs for a personalized viewing experience. Only 10 per cent of consumers watch either most or all of the shows and movies recommended to them by a streaming service, and 44 per cent of consumers say recommendations are rarely or never what they want to watch.

When considering these points, as well as the other findings outlined in the full report, it’s clear that consumers want more from their video experience. Following the initial rush to launch SVoD services, video businesses are now challenged to solve numerous pain points in order to meet viewers’ high expectations. But it’s not all bleak – while the full report illuminates multiple areas of frustrations, it also points to tangible solutions for how streaming services can differentiate their offerings and achieve long-term success.

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