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Facebook cuts 3rd party data from ad targeting

March 29, 2018

Facebook is going to limit how much data it makes available to advertisers buying hyper-targeted ads on the social network. It says it will stop using data from third-party data aggregators — like Experian and Acxiom — to help supplement its own data set for ad targeting.

Facebook previously let advertisers target people using data from a number of sources: Data from Facebook, which the company collects from user activity and profiles. Data from the advertiser itself, like customer emails they’ve collected on their own. Data from third-party services. When marketers use this data to target ads on Facebook, the social giant gives some of the ad money from that sale to the data provider.

Now Facebook is changing its relationship with these third parties as part of a broader effort to clean up its data practices following the recent Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

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