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SpotX expands partnership with zvelo

May 11, 2018

SpotX, the global video advertising and monetisation platform, is increasing brand safety vetting through identification and categorisation of fake news sources by integrating new advances from zvelo – one of SpotX’s trusted brand safety partners and a provider of categorisation and malicious detection data services for web content, traffic, and connected devices.

By working with zvelo, SpotX expands the protection it offers advertisers by identifying and proactively blocking websites and content that fall into several new and objectionable categories such as fake news. In doing so, SpotX fully removes sites that disseminate fabricated news and disinformation from available ad inventory – categorically preventing advertisers from associating brand content with this objectionable content. This capability deepens SpotX’s commitment to offering vetted, premium ad inventory to publishers by providing another layer of verification and security for promoting a brand-safe ad buying ecosystem.

“SpotX was the first supply-side platform that we partnered with in providing content categorisation for brand safety, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done together to make the internet a safer place to advertise,” said Jeff Finn, CEO, zvelo. “At the same time, we’re excited to provide greater capabilities for the categorisation of fake news sources than ever before, and to assist SpotX in offering a thoroughly vetted, brand-safe ad inventory for publishers.”

“Our expanded partnership with zvelo really reinforces SpotX’s unwavering commitment to brand safety, as well as our duty to clean up the video ad ecosystem and educate media buyers about fraudulent inventory as new threats emerge,” added Nick Frizzell, Sr. Director, Brand Safety & Inventory Operations, SpotX. “Empowered by zvelo’s technology, we’re able to help media buyers avoid brand-damaging associations with fake news. In an environment where buyers continually struggle to identify worthwhile ad inventory within the onslaught of new content and websites emerging every day, our zvelo-backed brand safety practices help publishers sort through the noise and successfully target advantageous ad placements.”

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