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Bonnier Broadcasting chooses Paywizard

September 24, 2018

Bonnier Broadcasting, part of Bonnier the Nordic region’s leading media company, has chosen Paywizard, the pay-TV subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist, to boost growth of its subscription-based OTT services.

“We currently have a solution in place for subscribers to our C More and TV4 services using a combination of systems with minimal but functional CRM capabilities,” said Daniel Lindén, Bonnier Broadcasting’s Head of IS/IT. “Our in-house capabilities have reached their limit and we need to be able to meet new challenges in customer management, acquisition, growth and churn reduction.”

Bonnier Broadcasting wanted to create a single customer view (SCV) database to be able to draw on insight from all of its services. Paywizard’s Decision Moments framework uses this data to prompt proactive moves by Bonnier at critical points in the customer journey – such as a subscribers joining a service, discovering content, upgrading or downgrading their package, or cancelling a subscription.

“Bonnier Broadcasting needed to develop a modern, highly capable solution with a flexible architecture to manage current and future subscription and PPV growth,” Lindén continued.  “We were looking for a partner that understood both how the marketplace is evolving, can meet our needs and ensures that we are able to provide the best engagement with our customers to maximise customer satisfaction and retain their loyalty.  After reviewing Paywizard’s solution and expertise, and talking in depth to some customers, it was clear that Paywizard was the perfect fit for us.”

“Bonnier Broadcasting is looking for significant growth in subscribers and revenues, and the Paywizard Agile platform and the Decision Moments framework are perfect for achieving these goals,” added Bhavesh Vaghela,Paywizard’s Chief Executive. “These are exciting times for Bonnier broadcasting and we are really pleased that they have chosen Paywizard as the right partner for the next stage in the evolution of their broadcast business.”

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