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Spain: Movistar best broadband; Vodafone most complaints

November 6, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Movistar is the best broadband supplier in Spain with Orange lagging behind, and Vodafone drawing the most complaints.

These are the main conclusions of a report from the Asociación de Internautas (Internet users Association) that has evaluated the quality of the broadband networks and the convergent services given by the operators.

Movistar has a 7.01 mark and leads the ranking in (fixed and mobile) broadband closely followed by Euskaltel, with 6.91.

Vodafone drew a score of 5.94, cable operator R has 5.54, whilst Orange had 5.21 and Telecable hit 5.09.

In fixed broadband alone, Vodafone led with 7.75, followed by Movistar 7.61 and Euskaltel both with 7.58. In mobile broadband, Movistar and Euskaltel lead the market with 6.41 and 6.23 respectively.

In user complaints, Vodafone drew the most with 6.86 per cent of subscribers unhappy with their service, three times more than Movistar with 1.91 per cent. Overall, Vodafone takes 111 hours on average to repair a breakdown versus Movistar’s 37 hours.

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