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Ofcom: Virgin Media tops pay-TV complaints

November 8, 2018

Ofcom has published the latest league tables on the complaints it receives about the UK’s major providers of telecoms and pay-TV services.

Overall, complaints about broadband, landline, mobile and pay-TV services have declined since the last quarter, and are at their lowest levels since it started collecting this data in 2010.

The report reveals the number of complaints made to Ofcom about the UK’s largest providers, per 100,000 of their customers, between April and June this year.

While TalkTalk has also improved recently, it still generated the most complaints for landline and broadband services. Virgin Mobile generated the most complaints for pay-monthly mobile services, and Virgin Media for pay-TV. Sky drew the least complaints for both pay-TV and broadband.

Jane Rumble, Ofcom’s Director of Consumer Policy, said: “Although we’re encouraged that complaints are at their lowest levels since we started shining a light on this, some telecoms and TV companies are still falling short. We expect those providers to up their game and deliver better service to all their customers.”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “Good service really matters to us and our customers. We are pleased with the improvements for our broadband and landline services, but there are still areas where we need to do better. We are working hard to put that right.”

Pay-TV complaints per 100,000 customers

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