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YouTube to halt ads targeting kids

August 22, 2019

YouTube set to end targeted ads on videos that are primarily watched by children, according to reports.

The decision comes on the back of a case by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which has fined YouTube owner Google for violating child privacy laws.

According to the Washington Post, FTC said Google collected data from children who used its services which is a breach in privacy laws in the US. Moreover, YouTube has been struggling to combat child exploitation content since last year. Earlier this year, brands such as Nestle, Walt Disney and Epic Games halted their adspend on YouTube after ads appear alongside suggestive videos of children doing activities such as gymnastics and yoga.

To better ensure child safety, YouTube then committed to a “roadmap” and works on auto-moderation tools. In addition, YouTube also said it will be addressing feedback about reducing the discoverability of inappropriate videos, as well as fine-tuning how ads are placed on channels.

The video sharing platform also previously disabled comments on videos featuring minors.

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